Nils Landgren

Chrismas With My Friends VI - CD

  • Format: CD (erhältlich auch als Vinyl )
  • Kat Nr.: ACT 9872-2
  • Barcode: 614427987228
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 26.10.2018
  • Genre: Swedish Jazz, Jazz

"Christmas With My Friends VI" is a celebration, and everyone who enjoys exceptionally good Christmas songs from Bach to ABBA in new and characterful interpretations is most welcome to it. The established ensemble reinterprets also in the sixth issue Christmas songs from all over the world in a jazz spirit, bringing together the well-known with the less familiar, combining the cheerful with the contemplative.

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Christmas without the songs – it's unthinkable. And yet how can one be open to different musical styles and also strike a good balance between them? How can all the right moods for the festive season be captured? Should it be classical or soulful, gospel or pop, blues or jazz? The result can often be just one style of singing from one person – but that’s not the case with Nils Landgren's "Christmas With My Friends". A sequence which would normally have had to be patched together from a wide range of interpreters is all there, and from just the one source. Alongside the Swedish trombonist/singer himself, there are four vocalists, Jeanette Köhn, Ida Sand, Jessica Pilnäs and Sharon Dyall, and their fundamentally different voices allow them to combine many musical genres. The way these four co-exist so harmoniously is just one o...


Nils Landgren / trombone, vocals
Sharon Dyall / vocals
Jonas Knutsson / saxophon
Jeanette Köhn / vocals
Eva Kruse / bass
Jessica Pilnäs / vocals
Ida Sandlund / vocals, piano
Johan Norberg / guitar


Produced by Nils Landgren with Johan Norberg

Cover design by Siggi Loch,
based on David Ortins / ACT Art Collection

Music arranged by Christmas With My Friends
Recorded by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, December 18-20, 2017

Additional recordings by Johan Norberg at Krubaston, Stockholm

Mixed and mastered by Lasse Nilsson at Nilento Studios, Gothenburg (Kållered)
Production team at Nilento: Michael Dahlvid, Joar Hallgren and Jenny Nilsson