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vocals & piano
Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Piano Jazz
  • Laila Biali

    „She is an exciting and unique talent and i admire her greatly“ Sting

    The music of Canadian singer, songwriter and pianist Laila Biali continues the tradition of great contemporary Canadian artists like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Diana Krall or Michael Bublé who completely organically and naturally fused influences of Jazz, Pop, Blues, Soul with the power of great songs. With ease, Laila Biali combines the concision and accessibility of pop with the energy and openness of jazz - in her strong and diverse original compositions as well as her interpretations of the music of artists like Coldplay or David Bowie. Laila Biali is an impressive example for a generation of current jazz musicians for which “pure” Jazz is a contradiction in itself and more than anything else an extremely versatile music in which, beyond the polished, over-formated “mainstream”, real musicians and real authors create deep, honest emotions. A music full of passion and intellect, performed with soul and skill. Just like the music of Laila Biali – the new great voice of North-American Jazz.