Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr

Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr - © ACT / Joerg Grosse Geldermann
Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr - © ACT / Joerg Grosse Geldermann

For their 2006 debut album „Remember Chet“ Julian Wasserfuhr, only 17 years old by the time, followed in the footsteps of Chet Baker. Since then he and his three years older brother Roman became the outstanding artists of Young German Jazz.

Julian shows a stunning artistic maturity unparalleled by such a young trumpet player in German jazz. Roman Wasserfuhr’s piano playing does not stand back from his brother’s virtuosity. He accompanies Julian’s melodies almost symbiotically sovereign. In many concerts the two brothers dealt with their heroes and have built up their own artistic identity and an already large fan base.

„Upgraded in Gothenburg“ from 2009 was the Wasserfuhr’s second album. Supported by jazz stars like Nils Landgren and bass-player Lars Danielsson, they entered the top league in German jazz.

„Gravity“ is their third album from 2011. Renowned German magazine ”Stern” commented on the album: ”In collaboration with (drummer) Wolfgang Haffner and Lars Danielsson the Wasserfuhr brothers become a poem. Easiness becomes heavy, heaviness light as a feather. This music attracts a lot.”

What makes the music of the Wasserfuhr brothers so extraordinary is their love for fascinating simplicity, their absolute trust in melody and their sense of lyricism and drama. Technical skill and instrumental virtuosity is not presented at random, but only when they serve the purpose of the songs and, characteristic of the Wasserfuhrs’ music, convey emotions.

With their fourth album "Running" (September 2013), the Brothers Wasserfuhr are now definitely standing on their own four feet. It has turned out to be their most personal album, they themselves were responsible for most of the compositions, recording and production. That they decided to take that risk bears witness to the astounding maturity that these two musicians have already acquired despite their young ages. On "Running", Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr call on the young musicians of the Cologne scene, who they also play their live gigs with. Throughout the entire album, the silky sound of Julian Wasserfuhr's trumpet gives the listener the feeling of being right at home. But one shouldn't underestimate the contribution of his brother Roman, who has long outgrown the role of the unerring inspiration. He gives the music something to hold on to, a foundation, while at the same time allowing it to fly. And so it is that Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr's desire to have their music meet with open arms and ears once again takes shape.

Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr on ACT:

“Remember Chet” (ACT 9654-2)

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