Huong Thanh

Dragonfly - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Kat Nr.: ACT 9293-2
  • Barcode: 6 14427 92932 7
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 01.09.2001
  • Genre: World Music
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"Dragonfly: The word carries with it a variety of meanings that conjure up unexpected comparisons, connections, and enigmatic relationships. In the title piece, "Dragonfly", the unforeseen culminates in a sensitive duel between the Vietnamese-Parisian Huong Thangh and the Cameroon-New Yorker Richard Bona. It was necessary that such a mythical creature as the dragon, a symbol for good luck in Asia, lift itself up and over the chasm that separates the different styles, the disparate geographic and historic terrain, thus bridging the gap between musical cultures. And the same goes for the entire album: magic lies in this alchemy, which combines the distinctive purity and tradition of the Vietnamese instruments and vocals with the sudden presence of the electronics, the grooves, the string instruments, and the African vocals...


Huong Thanh - vocals
Nguyên Lê - electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizers & computer,
Duong Chi Tam - 16-strings zither (dàn tranh), moon shaped lute (dàn nguyêt), 2-string fiddle (dàn nhi), cai luong gtr, monocorde (dànbau), woodblock (song lan)
Hao Nhiên Pham - sao transverse bamboo flute, lutes, zither, sapek clappers
Dinh Cong Tuyên - pi thiu vertical flute
Richard Bona - vocals, fretless bass & percussions
Renaud Garcia-Fons - pizz & arco acoustic 5-string bass
Tino di Geraldo - cajón, frame drum
Paolo Fresu - trumpet & flugelhorn
Etienne Mbappé - fretted & fretless bass
François Verly - percussions (shaker, tibet bowl, tuned bells, gongs, chimes & brushes) & tablas
Dominique Borker - acoustic piano
The Barbès Deluxe strings :
Raphaëlle Pacault - violin
Martin Rodriguez - viola
Sophie Lechelle - cello


Engineered and mixed by Nguyên Lê at Studio Louxor, Paris Barbès from August 2000 to May 2001
Mastered by Jean Pierre Bouquet at l'Autre Studio
#5 & 9: Sounds included in this recording are from the Percussive Adventures Sound Library, produced by Christopher Page for East West Communications, Inc.
Produced by Nguyên Lê