Current ACT Artist

Florian Willeitner

German violinist, composer and arranger Florian Willeitner is on a mission of creating a symbiosis of worldwide musical traditions. The master student of star violinist Benjamin Schmid has traveled all over the world since he was 19, from 2010 on, to study various musical cultures. Even during his classical studies he experimented with new orchestral models (for example in his Violin Concerto No. 1, which was premiered at the Wiener Musikverein). With his “New Piano Trio” he has been refining cross-genre composing and -playing for many years. In 2018 he founded the "Pool of Invention", an international artist collective with which he has since devoted himself to highly efficient trans-cultural art and is the creative partner of important festivals such as the Mozart Week in Salzburg directed by Rolando Villazon. With his latest project “First Strings On Mars” Willeinter creates yet un-heard chamber music, together with double bass player Georg Breinschmid and violinist Igmar Jenner. A celebration of musical freedom and curiosity, full of virtuosity, energy and diversity.