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Tango straight from Buenos Aires

El Afronte by Lucía Seva
El Afronte by Lucía Seva
El Afronte by Cecilia Font Nine
El Afronte by Cecilia Font Nine

Product Information

line up

Mariano Bustos / double bass
Lucas Cáceres / violin
Agustín Volpi / violin
Laura Regis / violin
Tomás Pereyra Lucena / violoncello
Pablo Ciliberto / bandoneon
Eugenio Soria / bandoneon
Marcos Longobardi / bandoneon
Rodrigo Almonacid / bandoneon
Lucas Tamburini / piano
Marco Bellini / voice

Recording Information

Lezama arranged by Mariano Bustos and Calle by Lucas Cáceres
Produced by Lucas Cáceres and Mariano Bustos

Recorded and edited at Calderón Studio, Wilde (Buenos Aires), 2018
Mixed and mastered by Demián Poti at Del Parral Studios and
De La Jungla Studios

Produced by Lucas Cáceres and Mariano Bustos

El Afronte Logo by Marco Bellini

Among the many amazing bands from Buenos Aires, this one really stands out: the ten-strong El Afronte Orquesta Típica transfers the spirit of the dance from tango into the present day, bringing all of the shades and nuances of the tango – from ecstasy and melancholy – into its performances.

The group was founded in 2004, and rapidly went on to make a name for itself in the milonga scene of Buenos Aires. These musicians aren’t content to revel in nostalgia for the past; they are just as keen to bring new developments to the fore.

There is one thing, however that remains constant and non-negotiable in what they do: their sound remains acoustic, representing a clear contrast to today's electro-tango. ‘Dramatic’, ‘compact’, ‘powerful’ and ‘frenetic’ are just a few of the words that critics have used to describe the live experience of El Afronte. This orchestra is causing a sensation all the way from Colombia to Sweden.