Current ACT Artist
Orquesta Típica
Latin, Tango
  • El Afronte

    Among the many amazing bands from Buenos Aires, this one really stands out: the ten-strong El Afronte Orquesta Típica transfers the spirit of the dance from tango into the present day, bringing all of the shades and nuances of the tango – from ecstasy and melancholy – into its performances.

    The group was founded in 2004, and rapidly went on to make a name for itself in the milonga scene of Buenos Aires. These musicians aren’t content to revel in nostalgia for the past; they are just as keen to bring new developments to the fore.

    There is one thing, however that remains constant and non-negotiable in what they do: their sound remains acoustic, representing a clear contrast to today's electro-tango. ‘Dramatic’, ‘compact’, ‘powerful’ and ‘frenetic’ are just a few of the words that critics have used to describe the live experience of El Afronte.

    This orchestra is causing a sensation all the way from Colombia to Sweden.