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Nils Landgren




Nils Landgren - trombone
Tomasz Stanko - trumpet
Anders Eljas & Claus Bantzer - organ


Recorded at Oskarskyrkan, Stockholm and in St. Johannis Kirche, Hamburg (#1, 4, 10)
Engineer: Leif Allansson, Stockholm & Martin Wieprecht (Hamburg)
Mastered by Radu Marinescu at Liquid Gold
Produced by Nils Landgren and Siegfried Loch

For most Swedes the island of Gotland is a synonym for freedom, and they "celebrate" their summer with no greater intensity elswhere. It is also, however, a place of meditative peace. Together with Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, and organists Anders Eljas and Claus Bantzer, Nils Landgren created music of great "inner-strength". The session is recorded in church - the most peaceful concert hall one can find. "Gotland" is the other side of the Nordic trombone funk-master.